Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn't.

Friedrich Nietzsche


A study published in the International Journal of Conflict Management found that one's response to an annoyance, at least when the perceived cause is another person, escalate to more extreme levels as they go unresolved.

Annoyance is the stepping stone to anger, and it is the result of frustrated desires. Little things set you off, you snap at wife, kids, and colleagues at work, you feel things are not right, your patience is worn thin, gloom and doom seems to be in the air, and you tend to complain and find fault with the littlest of things. Things that you found challenging in the past now seem foreboding. Where there was energy and zest for life, now there is only tension and confusion.

These feelings can crop up due to some obvious distress and upheaval, or the cause of the distress can remain hidden. Whether the cause of annoyance is known or not, researchers across the board agree on one thing, there are changes happening in the brain chemistry in these times of frustration. These changes in the brain trigger certain behaviors and emotions which are learnt patterns of response that can be isolated through the practice of mindfulness and Yoga. 1

Mind-body practices like yoga and meditation have been shown to reduce your body’s stress response by strengthening your relaxation response and lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Yoga has been shown to have many health benefits, including improving heart health and helping relieve depression and anxiety.

Once a person begins to isolate the emotions and behaviours, the source of the annoyance becomes apparent. I have used this technique to pinpoint the cause thousands of times. These causes can include the loss of a loved one, a separation or divorce, job stress or loss, financial difficulties, loneliness or isolation, moving to another place, having a child leave home, undergoing a change in how you look, a belief that you are not living up to your expectations or those set by others.

Are you tracking these? Many wonder what the purpose of life is. It is just this. Looking within to to observe the energy that is moving in and out of your atoms. Lot's of courage, patience, and persistence is required to live a mindful existence, but once you get the hang of it, there is no lack of meaning because each unfolding miracle will point you to the higher purpose you were created for.

After careful analyses and assessment of both, internal and external environments, which can be quickly and efficiently done using this software, the cause of disturbance can be identified. Once this happens, a sense of calm sets in because this awareness informs the intellect that this is something that being taken care of. This provides a sense of security, and the feeling of being in control. You also gain a vantage point to strategize the necessary steps needed to put an emergency preparedness, and activation program in place so that the mind does not get pushed into the Fight or Flight zone from the Drive and Affiliation.

Do not demand that things happen as you would wish them to. Accept them as they happen. This is the way to peace of mind. Action alone is thy province, never the fruits thereof; let not thy motive be the fruit of action, nor shouldst thou desire to avoid action.2

Annoyance Related Feelings


In a state of sulky dissatisfaction - ill-humored or discontented.


Frustration is a result of repeated disappointment of not being successful at something, or of repeated unmet expectations.

If Frustration continues, it either leads to anger or sadness and worry : This worry over something or someone, the state before it turns to hopelessness is known as Grim.


Tending to complain about things almost always: having a bad temper.


Restless or short-tempered under delay or when challenged.


To bother or annoy someone to the state of being worried or concerned.


Irritation is the first indication of of the minds reluctance to be in aplace or state which it does not find comfortable It mindful, one can quicly detect this discomfort and address it. If not remedied efectively, irritation will arouse one to impatience, and impatience, to anger.