Studies looking into how our brain works when it is experiencing emotions have revealed that we have at least three types of emotions 1. These three types of emotions make up the Autonomic Nervous System.

  • The Human Autonomic Nervous System
    Two groups of those emotion are connected to the Sympathetic Nervous System, and one to the Parasympathetic Nervous System.
  • 1   Sympathetic Nervous System, manufactures, and preserves painful(klishta) thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, a person is conditioned from birth to spend all of their time in the Sympathetic Nervous System.2 This system consists of our Fight or Flight Reactions, and the human Drive for Survival and Affiliation. This faculty is responsible for creating what we know as the mind and Ego, which then becomes the womb of all suffering.

    In Yoga, the Fight or Flight Reactions are a collection of emotions that are known as Tamasic guna. People in whom the Tamasic Guna is dominant will display a personality that is pervaded by darkness, destruction, and chaos.

    The human Drive for Survival and Affiliation are a collection of emotions that are known as Rajasic Guna. Passion, continious mental and physical activity, frustration, stress, envy, addiction, anguish, and confusion pervade this mindset.
  • 2   Parasympathetic Nervous System(aklishta), is the mindset that empowers the cultivation of life-giving thoughts and emotions. The attributes of the Parasympathetic Nervous System is known as Sattvic gunas. Love, life, compassion, righteousness, gratitude, learning, beauty, skill, courage to remedy ones own failings, and fortitude in the face of setbacks are attributes of this faculty. Operating in this faculty evolves the consciousness, while disolving the mind and Ego.

The Connection Between Yoga and Emotions

The practice of Yoga is nothing more than a lifelong endeavour to move from the sympathetic nervous system of stress and suffering, to the parasympathetic nervous system of love and beauty. Yoga enables you to change the context of the data that is going to be restored in the mind, putting a positive spin on it after is has been triggered. Everytime this is done, there is a shift in consciousness. You do this for enough of your thought patterns, and you will reinvent your reality from one of suffering, to one of miracles.

It is now common knowledge that everything in this world - including us humans - are vortices of electricity that’s constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature.3

Imagine having a high powered microscope, and you are using that microscope to peel back the layers of human existence. Going down from human, to organs, cells, molecules, atoms, electrons and protons, quarks and leptons, and at the end you find yourself surrounded by information in relation to our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and intentions; all floating in a sea of energy that appears as void.

It is the nature of this information - whether good or bad - that determines if a person will cultivate the needed willingness, courage, and compassion to transcend suffering or not. If greater levels of consciousness pervades a person, as opposed to mind, than there is more good, or Godly information present in the energy field that comprises a certain person. If the energy is bad, then there is more mind than consciousness.

The Distinction Between our Mind and Consciousness

The information that makes up the soul, the real us, is Divine. In its pure essence, this information is known as Sat, Chita, Ananda - Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. Beyond birth and death, this attribute of God in us is invincible, indestructible, incorruptible, unchanging, and etheric.4

This information connected with the real essence of Divinity resides within us all, and is known as our Consciousness. But our painful experiences has covered the pure consciousness with our drive and affiliation related desires, and painful fight or flight reactions that are responses to the trauma we recieve in relation to these desires.

We don't get the love we want, the promotion we deserve, the child who would make life so much better doesn't come, the money which would bring about the respect we deserve is not materializing despite all the affirmations, my disfigured face is disfiguring my soul, the access weight is suffocating my self esteem, I don't win the election in my district, what will people think, fame eludes my every effort, the person I resent is not getting punished, the plan that I hatch with others to obliterate this person never works out.....Thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, and beliefs associated with these experiences make up the Mind.

The good and bad energy comes from the thoughts we entertain, and those thoughts are the product of the emotions and intentions we harbour in our heart and mind, which in turn are the part and parcel of our experiences. Therefore, if we really want to manifest beauty and tranquility, or make any meaningful contribution, then we need to observe the quality of our thoughts and emotions.

Since time immemorial, Yoga has provided us with ancient principles to scientifically engage in the practice of conscious, and non-judgmental observation, analysis, and mastery, of our thoughts and emotions.5 This software enables you to put those Yogic principles into practice, and the reading assignments give you an insights into how you can recognise and change the emotions that pose grave danger to your inherent creative potential towards love, success, and beauty.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Dharmendra Singh