The part of the human psyche that makes us beautiful, and moves us towards love and compassion is linked to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Sattvic Attributes). The parasympathetic system is activated whenever we think happy thoughts, and participate in acts of kindness, and selfless service.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System

Love and Compassion Through Yoga

The goal of Yoga is to achieve parasympathetic dominance. When love, compassion, kindness, selfless service, non-violence, fortitude, gratitude, and devotion starts showing up in the work we do, then parasympathetic dominance has been successfully activated. Our heart and mind is no longer stuck amidst traumas and the efforts to procure name, fame, and fortune.

You cannot be gentle and humble while at the same time struggling to be noticed, appreciated, and admired. Neither can you be compassionate and selfless while at the same time fighting to grab a bigger share of the pie. This is because the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems work in opposition to each other. Either one, or the other is activated all of the time. Unfortunately, the mind that creates pain and suffering (sympathetic nervous system), always takes precedence, because it is unconsciously motivated by fear, insecurity, and codependency.

How can we move from Stress and Suffering to Joy and Abundance?

You can attract anything you want in life. If fame and fortune is important to you than that can be had with ease provided you understand how your energy influences the energy that communicates with these. On the other hand, if evolution of the soul and cultivation of compassion is what you heart is attracted towards, then you can manifest this through your efforts while at the same time surrounding yourself with those of like mind.

Is Unconditional Love Possible?

This question is important because Yoga is the journey to the land of unconditional love. Even though difficult at first, compassion in thought, word, and deed(parasympathetic dominance) can be achieved. Compassion, like any physical and academic skill, appears to be something that is not fixed, but rather can be enhanced with training and practice1

The first part of this journey requires that one become consciously mindful of the thoughts and emotions that rise and fall within the mind. This provides the tranquil mind needed for the transfer of information required for cultivation of mindfulness, concentration, meditation and compassion. The transfer of information between neurons becomes optimal when their activity is synchronized, as in a calm and peaceful mind.2

For any reality to manifest, it has to be summoned into existence through observation and measurement. This process is known as analytical exploration.3 Using the tools in this framework, you will engage in the process of observing, identifying and recording the strength and weakness of your egotistical desires, and fears, as well as your compassionate inclinations, and selfless motivations.

A tranquil mind is observed in in those who strive to harbour no ill will towards others, they return love for hatred, and are friendly and compassionate towards all. They know the nature of a troubled mind and have experienced its wrath, as a result they value the state of equanimity above all. In remaining unperturbed by pain, and un-elated by pleasure4 they tap into the power of creation and know through daily experience that for beauty and love to manifest, a steady and undisturbed flow of creative energy is necessary.

What's In Your Heart Will Show Up In Your Creations

In time what is within us will manifest as creations in this world through our activity in daily life. If you really want to know who a person is and what he or she values, then look at what they are creating in life. Everything in the universe constantly gives off an energy pattern of a specific frequency that remains for all time and can be read by those who know how. Every word, deed, and intention creates a permanent record as mental energy or physical entity. There are no secrets; nothing is hidden, nor can it ever be. Our spirits stand naked in time for all to see.

As you begin using to monitor your Yogic evolution, the record of your efforts will enable you to see the ebb and flow to the process that is involved in reinventing yourself. As you progress in this journey of self actualization, the doubt, fear, and resistance you experienced will be transformed into confidence, courage, and acceptance. By training your brain to spend more time in the happy zone, your mind will establish dominance to transmit joyous and compassionate vibrations. This will harmonize with other like vibrations within the atmosphere, becoming more powerful in its ability to asscend to heights where universal unity becomes a comprehended reality.

Remember that the process of accension begins within each person. The accension is a key opening and anchoring the astral body which is made of intelligent light or lifetrons(Paramhansa Yogananda) with the physical, mental and emotional bodies allowing for a seamless intergration of the personal soul with the expression of the higher Consciousness or Spirit. This unity is experienced as oneness of self with all else. From now on, there will be no feeling of loneliness, no seperation because there is no other as one realizes their connection to the whole. This is Yoga - Unity. And this Unity is only possible through love. I hope that the whole world will joing me in the quest to realize our Unity with each other and the whole