Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Maya Angelou


Fearlessness is a quality more than an emotion. It is the foundation upon which all the other virtuous attributes flourish.

Fearlessness is a quality that can be gradually cultivated through extension of self into the territory where you feel compelled to fight, or run. The practice has to be apprached as a meditation and the setbacks and progress needs to be diligently monitored and recorded whenever one succumbs to compromising thoughts, words, and deeds; or when one feels that one has attained victory over them. Because what sometimes may seem as victory is pride raising its head.

To work with fear one has to understand that the only reason the fear exists is so that you could conquer it. Your fears are the steps of the ladder, and as you overcome each fear, you evolve one step higher towards Diviniity. It is in the wake of fear that we get an opportunity to begin our journey into higher reality.

Fear binds the mind and heart to the material, causing the consciousness to be identified with mental or physical nervousness, thus keeping the soul concentrated on the ego, the body, and the objects of fear. The devotee should discard all misgivings, realizing them to be stumbling blocks that hinder his concentration on the imperturbable peace of the soul. 1 This understanding is what we know to be faith.

Even though we do not need the response of the over zealous protection mechanism of days gone by, fear has dug its trenches so deep into our consciousness that we walk around with ever ready reactions in abundance to neutralize several saber tooth tigers on any given day. Having such disposition, we wonder and are even surprised when our desires for love and contentment go unmet.

Fear of death has lost the race

There was a time when death was the ultimate fear. But today, the ultimate fear is "Opinion". Other peoples opinion of you. We are a shame based society who are afraid to even admit that we are living our entire existence in the shame bubble. Every pore on our body oozes inadequacy, guilt, self-consciousness, and incompetence - yet in an entire lifespan, it is rare that one spends a month trying to overcome their fears. When subconscious fears repeatedly bombard the mind, despite a person's strong resistance, it is an indication of a deep seated wound within the mind. This wound needs to be exposed in order to be healed.

Fearless Motivations

Absence Of Wrath

The most common "disturber of peace" among people and nations is wrath. A desireless person has no anger. One who does not expect anything from others, and relies with faith on a God, that person cannot feel wrath or disappointment in any fellow being. This is the quickest way to peace of mind.


Confidence is having trust in that which is good and godly, will always prevail. There have been times when dictators, tyrants, and bullies seemed to be invincible, but history stands witness, that in the end, they have always fallen.


Nelson Mandella once said, "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." Courage is having the will to engage in a worthy challenge that will benefit humankind, or help in elevation of universal consciousness, despite any fears or apprehensions you may have. Courage is the foremost ingredient needed to embark upon the spiritual path because this journey requires you put aside all your unsavoury indulgences and habits.


Humility is a state of spiritual maturity from where, the graduated soul is able to keep in awareness at all times ones own defects so that he or she is never prone to thinking that they are in any way, shape, or form, better than another.


This path of giving up the lesser for the greater is the path trodden by the wise. This is the giving up of ever passing sense pleasures for the sake of eternal bliss. Renunciation is not an end in itself but it clears the ground for manifestation of soul qualities. To engage in action without the desire for its fruit is true (Tyaga), for that person carries all activities of the universe assigned to them without expectation nor suggestion. They just do their duty, (Dharma).


The courage to oppose rebellious sensations that are the cause of suffering. The urge to succumb to a call of addiction, the itch to indulge in a gossip, to carry out malicious undertakings for the benefit of gaining material or emotional support or acceptance; are just some of the examples one will need to refrain from.


The will to bring oneself to the worthy goal or cause one has embarked upon.


The quality of not only following refusing to side with that which is wrong, but to sit in protest against it regardless the fear of losing face or friends.