Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
~ Rumi ~

HighTechMindfulness.Com empowers you to monitor how your thoughts, emotions, and actions affect you, your community, and your planet on a daily basis.

Depending on the data collected, you can introduce one of the many mental and attitudinal shift programs available through this framework.

These programs are designed to bring about a positive change in your life, and those of others. Using the available reports, you can closely track your progress and make the adjustments needed to cultivate your potential for love and compassion through the many challenges life presents us with on a daily basis.

There should be no charge for wanting to become a better human being. That is why all services on this platfom are free. This is an evolving project. As a result, there are many more valuable exercises to follow.

Remedy for Social, Economic, and Environmental Unsustainability

Unsustainability in society,economy and ecology, combined with the irrationality of many elements of human behavior, and the obsolescence of dominant beliefs and aspirations are symptoms of the disease that afflicts our planet, but they are not the cause of the disease. The cause lies deeper—it lies in the way we think. Today’s predominantly materialistic and ego-centered consciousness is obsolete and must change. Source

We know that how we think needs to change, but despite all our research, we have not been able to develop a convenient solution that helps people study how their thougts and actions impact others, and themselves as they go about their daily business. This framework will fill that need.

This framework is an evolving project that will enable people to analyze how their thoughts, emotions, and intentions are affecting their surroundings and what they need to do to maximize benefit and minimize suffering.

Every time you engage in a compassionate exercise using this application, your emotional resilience and rationality will increase. If you get discouraged and take a break, you can come back and see where you left off, and what your challenges and struggles were with being mindful and compassionate. No other platform out there can currently help you do this!

Step 1 Track Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Intentions

We all have the capacity to positively impact thousands of lives daily, and in the process, revolutionize compassion. There are many people in this world who have no funding - and most times - no, or very little formal education, and yet, they have within them the courage and intuitive wisdom to heed the call of love. Most times, they use their own time and resources to achieve extraordinary feats in the face of tremendous odds. One cannot help but be humbled and inspired by these beautiful souls.

Meet Jadav Payeng

He is the living embodiment of selfless service.

At 17, Jadav Payeng witnessed many animals die due to deforestation. He figured that the animals were dying due to the loss of their home which were the trees. He went to the forestry department for help and they told him to go plant the trees himself. And so he did. He started with 20 bamboo shoots and planted daily without pay. In 34 years, he transformed a washed out land into 1400 acres of beautiful forest. A prime real estate now for tigers, rhinos, deer, birds, elephants, and many species of reptiles.

Using the tools within this framework to consciously enhance our altruistic qualities moves us from the sympathetic nervous system of mental & emotional torment (klishta), towards the parasympathetic part of the human psyche where tranquility, beauty, and compassion rein supreme (aklishta).

Start Using The Tools Right Away

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Keep in mind that this is a dynamic framework where the tools and associated knowledge will be upgraded continiously to reflect, either the findings of new research, or inclusion of ancient spiritual wisdom as its studied and/or researched.


Through the utilization of our creative potential, we can evolve to realize our inherent nature as a divine creator. This potential towards ultimate creativity is inherent within every human being. We are born with it, and that subtle, and yet at times titanic dissatisfaction with life - that feeling that something is missing - is a reminder that we are not on the path to realizing our inherent potential.

All teachers since time immemorial have tried to teach us how to cultivate this divine creative potential within us through awakening our extrasensory perceptions and powers. By realizing the nature of reality, or the fact that primordial intelligent energy is the same within the creator and the created, the individual soul comes to know their inherent potential and composition as being no different than that of the Almighty Spirit. Upon knowing this, the adept realizes unity with the Absolute. Yoga!

All teachers are quite well versed in the subject and have their certificates from the teachers college. The teachers are also quite well versed in the subjects that they are teaching.

Meet Dr. Shashi Rao, the Founder of Ananya and Her Kids

A true innovator who found the courage to step out of the box and lay foundations for a school that has not only applied a method thats different from conventional teaching, but one that is meaningful and empowering.

Besides numerous studies on the setbacks of formal education, Shakuntala Banaji, Sue Cranmer and Carlo Perrotta published a research paper in 2013:

What’s stopping us? Barriers to creativity and innovation in schooling across Europe

This research study lays out succinct ways in which conventional teaching handicaps creativity not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Dr. Rao on the other hand, had the depth in awareness needed to implement a truly creative and empowering way of teaching young minds. As you will see later, this degree of creative ability comes, when the heart is steeped in compassion.

Creative learning is: Any learning which involves understanding and new awareness, which allows the learner to go beyond notional acquisition and focuses on thinking skills. It is based on learner empowerment and centeredness. The creative experience is seen as opposite to the reproductive experience. Innovation is the application of such a process in order to benefit a domain or field – in this case, teaching. Therefore, innovative teaching is the process leading to creative learning, the implementation of new methods, and implementation of new tools and contents which could benefit learners and their creative potential.Source

The mind that can conceptualize the innovative interventions that will lead to the nurturing of creative faculties needs a quiet heart and mind. It is very important that you understand this if you are aspiring to evolve in any form of creative endeavour; be it spiritual or commercial.

Creative expression is subtle at first - even imperceptible. And then one day the catalytic force that arouses the hidden powers of transformation becomes noticeably active. Patience and faith are the two qualities needed in abundance if creative expression is to be harnessed in any useful capacity.

Man only progresses by slowly elaborating from age to age the essence and the totality of a universe deposited within him.
~ Pierre Teihard de Chardin ~


In biological organisms, altruism can be defined as an individual performing an action which is at a cost to themselves, but benefits, either directly or indirectly, another without the expectation of reciprocity or compensation for that action. Source Attributes of altruism such as selfless service and compassion call us to always puts others before ourselves. People who have cultivated these inclinations to a high degree will not think twice about giving their lives to save yours. But do individuals like these exist? Yes, there have been many throughout history whose actions have changed the world, whether that was their intention or not, their actions and conviction in doing the right thing have made them heroes.

Meet the Tank Man

June 3rd and 4th 1989, more than 10,000 people were massacared in Tiananmen Square. Morning of June 5th 1989, this lone protester armed only with his grocery bags stopped a deluge of tanks right after the Chinese government declared that they would violently crackdown on all Tiananmen protests. No one knows where this man is...or even if he is alive, but humanity shall lament not; for the song of his courage will ring through the ears of generations to come for as long as the wind blows and the stars shine.


David Rakoff writes, and I quote, "Altruism is innate, but it's not instinctual. Everybody's wired for it, but a switch has to be flipped." Thus, altruism is like a muscle that needs to be developed if our species are to thrive. If this is true for altruism, it should stand true for other noble characteristics embedded within us. This platform introduces a creative learning process that employs innovative means to help you record, nurture, and strategize unique ways to enhance your altruistic potential. Altruism gives life meaning, and this creates increasing degrees of stillness within that activates and opens the flood gates of creativity.

No life-giving creative idea can flourish in the shadow of fear. It is only in moments when fear has bid the heart goodbye does the fibres of the body become resilient enough to withstand the high vibration of the energy that accompanies tranquility.


A tranquil mind is needed for the transfer of information required for cultivation of mindfulness and compassion because the transfer of information between neurons becomes optimal when their activity is synchronized, as in a tranquil mind.source A quiet mind is indespensible to flashes of genius. When the mind becomes absolutely still, the person in creativity mode becomes completely absorbed in, and one with, perceiving the truth imparted to her within and expressing it through her chosen creative vehicle outwardly for others to behold. This is known as synchronicity, and the process via which it unfolds can probably be best described as morphic resonance.

Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future. Source This pool of knowledge that we tap into has been known by many names, a couple of which are Collective Consciousness and The Akashic Records; a name popularized by Edgar Cayce. When our energy is in resonance with the energy of the information being sought, our consciousness taps into that pool of knowledge. But before we can tap into higher knowledge, or evolve in any way spiritually, our negative thought patterns need to be examined and transcended. This process is Yoga. Without a conscious effort towards being and doing good, there is no communication with the Universal Consciousness, thus no creative evolution; just repetition - habit.

Under the whims of the wandering senses, the mind, like a boat on waters, is neither quiet, nor steady. Unless the mind steadies, one cannot self-evaluate one’s life or apply his intellectual discrimination to the everyday issues of life. How can he then self-evolve?
~ Swami Chinmayananda ~

Meet Mrs Beena Rao

Over 10,000 taught and counting. When Beena Rao saw that the dropout rates in schools remained high despite numerous schemes being introduced, she did something about it. To the forgotten children living in the streets, slums, and poor neighbouhoods of Surat in Gujarat, Beena Rao is Saraswati(Goddess of Knowledge) personified.


Step 2

In step 1, we made a conscious effort to cultivate our inherent capacity for altruism, non-harming, fearlessness, fortitude, gratitude, and devotion; residents of our Parasympathetic Nervous System.

In step 2, we become acquainted the negative aspect of our psyche associated with our Fight or Flight reactions, and the Drive for survival and Affiliation. These are feelings associated with shame, anger, anxiety, fear, aversion, and the source which fuel them through worry and rumination. These are our attachments and aversions.

Through the practices of self-observation, self-inquiry, and reflection, we can gradually increase our sense of self-understanding and our knowledge of the mind. First, we become aware of our powerful preferences and distastes. Then, we become aware of the unconscious processes driving those tendencies. We look at our upbringing, society, educational systems, corporations, politicians, media, and even our parents, partners, and associates to analyze how the processes that manifest trauma and propagate suffering; operate.

In time, the sensitivity of our instinctive, intuitional, and faculties of insight become so finely tuned that we can perceive actual experiences of the future, and can feel in our mind and body(psyche), how the emotion will work itself through when that experience arrives. Through this gift, when the foreseen event happens, one can bring awareness to the situation in a manner that does not escalate an undesirable situation but rather enlightens it.

This experience also works to maximise our creative potential. For example, we may get an insight but not recognize it to be an insight because what the information would be useful for is not within the scope of our awareness. It could be a project, an idea, or a problem that we would be working on in two weeks from now for which the information received is going to be useful. So the knowledge to facilitate a creative idea was received before we even got the idea. In the practice of Yoga, these are the rewards that have us coming back and they shall grace and light our path as long as we tread the path in humility.

Becoming Mindful

Each activity, with its associated thoughts and emotions that we engage in produces a mental impression, or vasana. With repetition, the impressions of these activities - good or bad - creates deeper grooves on the pre-existing impressions of the same on our soul. These impressions are like a memory chip with a particular energy signature that we carry from one life to another. As a result, these vasanas or impressions create new fields of actions where they can exhaust themselves, creating yet more impressions. The cycle of cause and effect thus continues.source This is what we know as habit, and genuine Yoga - the non-commercialized form - is the process of breaking this cycle by gradually becoming self-aware.

By consciously choosing to engage in activities of empathy, kindness, and compassion, you develop the courage to serve selflessly. In this process of becoming fearless, the vibration of your energy frequency is elevated in gradual increments due to the integrity of the new information contained within it. Conscious love and service is what lays the ground work for the development of your extrasensory perceptual faculties of which instinct, intuition and insight are important attributes. These instruments of higher functioning is the Guru within.

The Challenge

Mindfulness, or self-awareness, profoundly changes the way our brain works. It activates the self-regulating neocortical regions which give us an incredible amount of control over our emotions. source But when was the last time you consciously recorded your efforts of being kind and compassionate by developing intentional strategies to serve? How many times in the past week, month, or year have you made a conscious effort to cultivate altruistic attributes? Who were the people you served and what were your thoughts and emotions while you were engaged in this service? How sensetive are you to the needs of the homeless, the trees, the soil, the air, your employees, your partner?

When was the last time you recorded and analyzed your feelings of ill will, aggression, and disdain? Who are you envious of and what do you do when you feel the resentment associated with this envy rising? How about the energy that rattles your entire being in moments of jealousy; what does it feel like? Around who or what are the insecurities that fuel this jelousy associated with? What were the experiences that seeded this jelousy and what were the influences that cultivated it? What do you do under the influence of avarice? What do you worry and ruminate about? Why? Do you have a record of all this? If you don't, then how do your know where you stand? How are you planning to move above these limitations to capitalize on your true potential?

Ethical discipline, and spiritual progress becomes extremely difficult without sufficient data to analyze the sources of all our sufferings. We not only have to become aware of our negative attitudes and psychological weaknesses as a mental exercise, but also record and study how it manifests in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives so we can transcend it. A thorough analysis of our feelings, emotions and intentions will reveal our sources of attachment and aversions. After a few months, it will become apparent which aspects of our life will need a healing touch.

People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.
~ St. Augustine ~

Use your mobile device to be mindful of your thoughts and emotions from anywhere at anytime.

Benefits of this Software

Step 3

All things have consciousness to varying degrees but that does not mean that we are going through the day being conscious. We function on habits and habits are unconscious. They are mental, not conscious. It is only when we bring awareness to our thoughts, emotions, and intentions do we become conscious or human. To be conscious is to 'Know Thy Self.' To be conscious in a non-judgemental and unattached mode is mindfulness.


Everything is vibration, in other words - sound. The primal creative vibration is known as OM in the Upanishads. In the Bible as 'The Word’, The Quran (ALIF), Guru Granth Sahib (IK ONKAR), and Buddhist Scriptures (AUM). Our thoughts and emotions have a vibration which can be cosciously directed to create benefit for self and others rather than harm. Cultivation and gradual evolution of vibration to infinite speed - which by the way also happens to be absolute stillness - leads to Union; or Yoga. This stage of perfection takes numerous lifetimes and progresses with degrees in illumination which is the discovery of the reality existing beneath appearances; and he who is illumined to a certain degree will be aware of the place which he, in fact, occupies in this reality. 3

The lab exercies, and the written knowledge associated with each lab will guide a person to look with the same serene indifference at the incessant working of his or her mind, and the physical activity displayed by the body. You ought to succeed in understanding, in noting that nothing of all that is from you, is you. You, physically and mentally, are part and parcel of all that exists and the multitude of others who has influenced you.

This "all that exists" includes the material elements - earth, water, fire, air, ether - that makes up the physical. It is all that which you have ingested and inhaled from before your birth by the help of which the body was formed, and which when assimilated by you with the aid of the complex forces inherent in and around you become the constituent parts of your being.

On the mental plane, this "multitude of others" includes the many beings who are your contemporaries, people you consort with, with whom you chat, whose actions you watch. Family, social, institutional, political, and cultural influences that make up the mental realm that handicaps you from looking beyond striving, getting, having, achieving, and owning. This software is designed to take you beyond your dive for survival and the desire for affiliation towards the reality that lays beyond.

Yoga is the step-by-step process of reverse engineering the flow of consciousness from matter to Spirit.

Within this framework you will find scientific research accompanying and supporting Yoga practices mentioned in the Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist literature, and other major spiritual wisdom that has graced existence since time immemorial. Modern research in the field of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health is cross referenced with ancient universal wisdom that is not based on any one religion or dogma. This knowledge will furnish you with sound evidence to support your reasons in assocation with your psychical findings.

The science of Yoga looks at the entire universe, including the human body, as an electric field. As a result, it is governed by the same equations that are governing the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including rules of quantum mechanics, and Schrödinger’s wave equations. It is through the principles of the particle-wave duality, the uncertainty principle, and entanglement that a Yogi works to affect change in their environment through cultivating the potential for divine love within - in other words - raising the vibration of their energy field. This implies that, like any other set of particles or source of energy, we are entangled with everything throughout the universe through the zero-point field. All those same weird things about quantum mechanics that describe how an electron or photon behave, apply to us as well. The one difference between us and a photon is that we are conscious to a much higher degree and as a result we can choose which of the possibilities before us to collapse our wave function into. In other words, we can choose what type of reality we wish to create.


Through the principles of electromagnetism, a Yogi diligently works to awaken their latent powers of creative potential by evolving the vibration of their energy frequency to resonate at increasingly higher levels until they merge with the Divine Creator. By consciously choosing to engage in activities of empathy, kindness, and compassion, you gradually raise the vibration of your energy higher and higher. The higher the frequency of our thought/brain wave, the higher our consciousness. The level of our consciousness is what makes our reality. If you are seeking change, set an intention, declare a path (align your behaviors with your desire), then detach and allow the universe to handle the details. source

Selfless activity, writes Swami Chinmayananda, gives the mind a chance to exhaust its existing mental impressions. Such a mind gains ethereal poise and soars steadily into the subtlest realms of meditation to experience the transcendental Absolute. source

Like scientists, who define relationships or connections in how one thing connects to or depends on another, yoga’s aim is to methodically isolate and define the thought processes that cause internal strife leading to suffering; both personal and universal. This complex and tumultuous subconscious mentality we engender is the result of the environment we were reared in and how we have taken the emotions that arose from those experiences and integrated it with the vastly distributed system in our brain.

As the power of discernment dawns, where in the past the mind used to instinctively take the path of misery making desires, now with love in the heart, and light withing the soul, the feet embarks on the path of love. Just like that, what seemed impossible will come naturally because you are not putting barriers in the path of your aspirations. Keep in mind not to get attached to the outcomes otherwise your efforts will become a toil and you may get discouraged, angry, bitter; and that will derail your noble intentions and aspirations..