Be the Change

The Possibility

This framework is built around an ancient Yogic truth. For any reality to manifest, it has to be summoned into existence through observation and measurement. Dhyana, Dharana, and Samadhi are the contemporaries of this truth.

This process is known as Analytical Exploration, a term coined by Carl Jung. Jung observed that when we begin to pay attention or focus on conscious processes, we activate and energize the theme or subject matter on which we are putting our attention. This leads to experiences that are perceived as extraordinary because we seem to bring into reality what we focus on. With the popularity of Quantum Mechanics, this has become common knowledge and is known as Copenhagen Interpretation.

Q: Since we know that by directing our focus we can create a particular reality, then why do we create and perpetuate suffering?

The Problem

Unfortunately, after centuries of advocating, and raising awareness around this subject, we have been unsuccessful in providing sufficient capacity in the form of effective tools; which would empower individuals to bring about the desired positive change in their lives.

There is enough literature out there that expounds on how managing our internal state can bring about radical changes in our lives. So it is not that we do not know what needs to be done. We “Know”, we just do not “Know how.” An effective framework was missing until now. One that enabled us to keep connected to a mental and emotional feedback loop at all times. One that tells us how well we are doing internally in relation to what we are observing externally.

The Solution

This initiative which we embark upon to change our inner world of thoughts and feelings in order to impact our external environment, is a spiritual endeavour. And this process of experimentation and observation is commonly known as Spiritual Science. Yoga to be specific. Spiritual science is a much talked about subject, but rarely comprehended.

Science is an intellectual and practical activity that involves collection and analysis of data. As far as spirituality goes, the framework to assimilate spirituality in our lives, and then collect and analyze data associated with those practices; has been lacking. This work is intended to bridge that gap.

The tools on this site will give a person the means to change their inner world of thoughts and feelings and collect related data for analysis. In essence, it will provide us with data on how elemental changes in our mind and emotions affect our everyday reality. Otherwise why else would you want to do it?