Mr Itzhak Bentov

A Great Yogi and Teacher

The Holographic Universe

Many people have a hard time trying to conceptualize the Holographic phenomenon. As a result, I have perused several papers and articles to come up with a simple analogy on how nature stores information holographically. The simplest concept of how this works was explained in the book, “A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness,” by Itzhak Bentov. As a result, I have used his explanation with a few modifications and additions from other resources.

I do not promote anything but feel it would be unfair if I did not tell you that the work of Mr. Itzhak Bentov in his two books, "Stalking the Wild Pendulum," and, "A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness" are among the best I have ever read on Spirituality. I highly recommend the work of this Great Yogi to all who are curious about the workings of consciousness and higher attainments.

A Simple Explanation of the Holographic Phenomenon

Imagine you have a shallow pan filled with water in which you throw three little pebbles. You will see waves originating from the source of where each pebble fell and spread out. As they do, the waves from each source will interact with each other causing an interference pattern. For now, we will ignore the waves bouncing back from the edge of the pan.

Now, if you quickly take the top surface of the water and flash freeze it and then take the frozen sheet of ice and look through the air under a coherent light (light of the same frequency, in which all waves are “in step”—e.g., a laser), you will see the three pebbles suspended in air in three-dimensional as if they are there! The chaotic-looking ice surface is transformed into a data storage device that saves holographic information regarding the story of the pebbles. For some reason, if the sheet of ice slips and falls from your hands and breaks into a dozen pieces, each one of the broken piece will have the information of the three pebbles as image inherent in them.

Holography is a means to take photographs without a lens and it remains natures most compact means of retaining information of all that transpires throughout the universe at all times. Nothing escapes its gaze. This is how nature keeps record of our Karma in which the wave field of light emanating from a source such as a thought or an object is scattered and recorded as an interference pattern in the fabric of space and in time.

The Reference Beam can be compared to the Supreme Consciousness and the Working Beam to the individual mind. It is the disparity of universal values between the two that determines the rate of evolution. The greater the imbalance, the lower is the quality of one's consciousness.

In the diagram you can see a laser light beam being split into two components by a half-mirror. This allows part of the beam to continue undisturbed while part of it is deflected to another mirror. Both narrow beams are spread open by lenses. The undisturbed beam, called the reference beam, arrives at a photographic plate after an eventless flight, and deposits its imprint on the film. The deflected beam, called the working beam, encounters the object and then is reflected onto the film.

In a sense, the working beam tells the reference beam about its experiences with the object by creating an interference pattern on the film that stores information about the object. Information can be elicited from the film by illuminating it with the same laser light used in making the hologram. As we do that, we see the apple appear suspended in midair, looking very three-dimensional and real. And because holograms have the property of total distributedness, illuminating any piece of the original hologram will produce the entire image of the apple.

The important part of making a holographic image is the interaction of the reference beam—a beam that is pure and untouched—with a working beam, a beam that has had some experiences. The magnitude of these experiences is measured against the reference beam, which serves as a baseline for comparison.

However, our psyches form an interference pattern with all other units of consciousness in the universe. This Universal Mind contains all frequencies, and each level of consciousness can relate to it depending on mutual resonance. This concept is scientifically known as Morphic Resonance and is further explained in sutra 1:48 which we will get to in a later tutorial.

Morphic Resonance

Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future (Rupert Sheldrake). The more people there are engaging in a certain activity, the greater the chances for one to be attracted in that direction. This is apparent throughout our society as far as pursuit of material acquisition is concerned. source

The implications of this holographic model are monumental. It implies that all the knowledge in the Universal Mind is available to anyone who can tune into it, because, as in all holograms, the information is totally distributed throughout the universe. Mystical aphorisms such as “We are all one,” “As above, so below,” “God is within you,” and “The universe in a grain of sand” take on a new meaning when seen in the light of the holographic model.”

Holographic surfaces can be unfolded into sheets, one on top of another, with each sheet being a higher dimension of information. New dimensions of information emerge from the lower-order surfaces as they unfold on to the higher order surfaces which carry information of their own respective areas. The higher dimensions manifest information from the lower dimensions that was not there to start with. Higher and higher orders of the quantum wave function exist on the surfaces of world within worlds. Information is extracted from the wave function as we move higher and higher in the hierarchy of “worlds,” until we reach the highest dimension of information, the boundary of the Universe, which is in constant and instantaneous interaction with the “worlds” beneath it. source

As a result, higher conciousnesses are always communicating with us but our mind is so busy with petty things regarding money, power, fame, malice, and manipulation that we never are able to connect with higher reality. Please think about the implication of this for a while. You are destined for greatness and Mother Nature wants you to become great, but only if you become a little more aware. We will see how different levels of consciousness/minds communicate in Yoga 102.

If we draw a line and place dots on it representing individual consciousnesses, and from each dot draw diverging lines, representing expanding consciousness, we see that the higher the level, the more areas overlap. On the highest spiritual level, they will all blend onto one, showing that on that level the consciousness of mankind is one.


The Holographic Principle, as conceived in current physics, applies to fields or vibration, and since the potential for electromagnetic spark is the greatest at the point of thought, the quantum dynamics of the nerve terminals within us that create the link between the nerve cells in the brain are constantly at work influencing the holographic reality for better or worse depending on the state of our mind. It is the state of your mind that will determine what areas of your brain will be activated on a thought by thought basis. Are your dominant thoughts revolving around anxiety, envy, and fear or are they being cultivated towards benevolence, joy, creativity, intuition, and tranquility? In Yoga 102 we will start making a conscious effort to enhance our spiritual capacity by deliberately invoking evolution.