Yoga and The Unified Field

According to Science, the whole purpose of the body is to pick up signals (stimuli), process them, and respond to them, while Yoga elucidates that the very reason we inherit a body is to learn how we can stop responding to the stimuli perceived through the five senses for the sake of a higher experience.

This reading assignment sheds light on the parallels between modern science, and the ancient science of Yoga. You will learn how we descended from the Unified Field or The Absolute into the world of matter and what we need to do to evolve and merge with the Source again.

Yoga and Atoms (Sutra 1:1)

The quality of our energy is what determines our ability to communicate with higher order of intelligence that exists throughout the universe.

Sutra 1:1 explains our fundamental building blocks to be energy and it is the evolution or devolution in the quality of this energy that determines our level of creative potential, and the degree to which one can evolve spiritually. Please take note that it takes tremendous creative resources to realize Yoga, or Union with the Absolute. More than any other endevour. If you manage to harness only 5% of your inherent yogic creative potential, you will manifet such works of genius, the likes of which this world has rarely witnessed.

Mindfulness (Sutra 1:2)

Using mindfulness, We have the ability to encourage our interactions with others for empathy, compassion and love, while reducing ill-will, disdain and aggression. Using the tools of this framework, you will engage in the process of observing, identifying, and recording the strength and fears of your strength and insecurities.

Through the practices of self-observation, self-inquiry, and reflection, we can gradually increase our sense of self-understanding and our knowledge of the human mind. First, we become aware of our powerful preferences and distastes. Then, we become aware of the unconscious processes driving those tendencies so we can transcend them.

Resonance (Sutra 1:3)

Whenever there is any urge to make a change through some action that evolves our mental processes, there is transformation of one form of energy into another. This stimulation of synapses and neurotransmitters causes vibrations throughout the central nervous system, the energy of which is felt throughout the universe instantly.

The echo of this pulse moves through the universe trying to find other waves with the same frequency. And when they meet, they announce to each other their affinity. This announcement is known as resonance and interpreted as intention. Learn more by reading Sutra 1:3.

Data Storage in a Holographic Universe

Our psyches, which contain all our knowledge, expand periodically into (transcendent) space for a very short period of time at practically infinite velocities. There the human psyches form an interference pattern with the psyches of all other minds in the universe. This interference pattern or hologram of knowledge we can call the “universal mind.”

The knowledge in the universal mind is open to anyone who can extend his stay there by stretching out his subjective time while there so as to gain useful information and decipher it upon their return. This article helps you to understand how this happens and what you can do to tap into this knowledge database.

Introduction to Mind (Sutra 1:4)

Our mind is the source of all our suffering. To know the mind we need to know what it is made of, and then dismantle each of its components to access the underling consciousness. Sustaining this transition will require conscious, consistent, and deliberate effort on your part to move from a catabolic mindset, into the anabolic reality so the limits of the Ego can be transcended. Sutra 1:4 introduces you to the Mind.

Sutras 1:5 to 1:8 will be the part of Course #: 103 because in Course #: 102, we will learn how to communicate with the Universe, and listen to the clues it is giving you regarding the process of your evolution so that you can start recording your progress when you go onto Sutra 1:5.


Creative Evolution

Our modern science sees the body as a bundle of limitations that is susceptible to diseases and decay, while the nervous system is viewed as any other organ of the body that is relatively static and unchanging. The science of Yoga, on the other hand, sees the nervous system as having tremendous creative potential for spiritual development that takes it beyond the physical limitations imposed upon it by nature.

To begin the journey of healing, we will need to delve into the genetics of our makeup and understand why our heart weeps, and what we can do to transcend this suffering; both personal and universal. This reading asignment gives you a high-level overview on how you can get from chaos to tranquility, from envy to compassion, and from malice to love.

First Look at the Thought Tracker

Since Yoga is study of the mind, we need to be aware of 2 things at this early stage:

  1. It is crucial we know what thoughts, emotions, and intentions of ours has made up the mind that is now posing a threat to our evolution.
  2. In order to accomplish the above, we need to record and monitor the workings of our mind, and get basic reports that gives us an in-depth knowledge of our thought processes - both good and bad.

This introductory tutorial will help you accomplish both of the above requirements with ease using the Thought and Emotion Tracker while having a lot of fun along the way. In a short period of time, this tutorial will also enable you to attain knowledge about yourself and the world around you that no other University in the world can provide you with.