Invoking Synchronicity Consciously

  • Specs: In the tutorial below, you will learn how we will meet the requirements of the specs using the different components of the Thought and Emotion Tracker on this website. A PDF copy of the study on synchronicity and how it can be measured is listed under the "Laboratory Assignment" menu item.
  • First Entry: Seeding the Invocation

  • Get into a calm and balanced mood marked by openness and presence. A quiet mind enhances communication with the Universe. Below we will see how we can track the mind and mood.
  • Invoke the intention to connect and communicate with the universal and personal mind - both internal and external - and to be receptive to the presence of synchronicities. Even though this can be done through a spoken or written ritual, we will use the Details textbox to amplify our intention by writing it down.
  • Proceed to consciously observe and take note of different internal and external phenomena that arise, including, internally, thoughts, feelings, images, symbols, memories, etc., and, externally, objects, movements, sensations, changes, colors, perceptions, etc. This could range from 30 seconds to up to 10 minutes, and involve any number of specific data points of phenomenal material. For this we will use the Feeling and Emotion Selector the People Selector the Area or Category Selector and Details textbox.
  • Clearly mark the completion of the observation phase and make a note for how long you will work with the Universe and record all the communication of Synchronicity and Serendipity. This period can range from a week to a year or more. I have a couple that are ongoing.
  • Subsequent Entries: Observing and Recording the Response of the Universe

  • Once you have made your intention known to Mother Nature, the exciting phase of observing and recording the number of discreet phenomenas comes. The more aware and actively engaged you become in the process of cataloguing, the more responsive Nature gets.
  • At the end of the process, thank the Universe. If you do not see a response do not become discouraged, tweak your method and perservere. Be patient, as long as your intention is universally holistic, Nature has no reason to shy away.
  • The above is just a guideline. After some trial and error you may find that a different approach works best for you. That is great. Use that, and if possible, share it with us.

Let us first set up the environment to track synchronous events so we can keep a meaningful record of our communication with nature. As your practice evolves, you will understand what needs to change in your practice to make the interaction between you and the universal mind more effective and efficient.


Once you comprehend the participatory manner in which the observer shapes his or her reality through observation and measurement, your faith in your ability to affect reality jumps up exponentially. You become a Creator with confidence. Through this experience we recognize that synchronicities are not something that happens to us, but rather we as contributors, participate in co-creating our reality with nature.


What you have done in Step 1 is add Analytical Exploration as a category to your list of Areas in Life. You could have also done this manually, and in the future you will be creating many categories that have some personal meaning in your life, but since this category is part of a course, it has been added to a master list. There will be many other category key words that will follow later and which you will be able to add with just a click.

The best way to track synchronicity is through both; frequency of occurrences, and meaning-based observations such as emotions, thoughts, people, area (which we added above), timing, and context within which they appear. Narrative-based accounts and personal subjective experiences are highly relevant in the study of such phenomena, especially when it is associated with the practice of Yoga.

With this in mind, let us see how we will accomplish setting up the ideal platform for personal research into synchronistic inquiry capturing both; quantitative and qualitative synchronicity related experiential data that is meaningful and reliable.

STEP 1: Seeding the Invocation


Invoking intention to connect with the meaningfulness of the universe and be receptive to the presence of synchronicities is best done through a written ritual. Below you can see how that is done.


I have selected Analytical Exploration as Area. All my records measuring extrasensory perceptions such as Synchronicity, Serendipity, Insight, Instinct, and Intuition will be filed under this category so that we can easily search our records and view reports.

Yoga is a science, demanding accurate definition and measurement of thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Like scientists who define relationships or connections, in how one thing connects to or depends on another; Yoga’s aim is to methodically isolate and define the thought processes block our creative potential and cause internal and external suffering due to a person having conflicting values, emotions, and beliefs within themselves.

You can use the details textbox to record other internal and external phenomenon that arises. For example internally, it can be mental images, symbols, memories etc while externally they could be objects, movements, and sensations triggered by your surroundings. Next and most important is recording the emotions. If you do this correctly, you will realize that your psychic and creative ability increases in proportion to how tranquil, compassionate, and loving you become.


A Quiet Mind

To establish communication with the Universal Mind our psyches need to form an interference pattern with all other units of consciousness in the universe. This is only possible if our mind becomes very quiet because the transfer of information between neurons becomes optimal when their activity is synchronized, as in a tranquil mind. source

In Yoga 101 - Laying the Foundation course you saw that emotions are categorized under Fight or Flight, Drive and Survival, and Spiritual Inclinations.

Note: Please know that this is just the seeding process and as a result, you may not have any synchronistic event transpire in this transaction. So in this first entry, you may not need to select Synchronicity. That will happen during a pre-determined time period you have set to follow this invocation in the subsequent transactions. That could be anywhere from a week, to a few years. One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be aware of your emotional state during the Invocation and record it by using 3 categories of the emotion component shown below. As mentioned ealier, the quieter your mind becomes during Invocations, the stronger is the bond between you and Nature.

Fight or Flight

Drive & Affiliation

Spiritual Inclinations

Subsequent Entries: Observing and recording the response of the Universe in relation to your invocation


In Yoga, establishing Synchronicity, Serenditity, Insight, Intuition, and Instinct is a Devotional process. As a result, you will find these attributes categorized under Devotion. By selecting any one of these options takes care of 2 things. One, it tells you the type of entry it is, for example; synchronistic event. And two, it takes care of the Quantitaive data need. In the future you will have a count of Synchronistic and/or Serendipitous events.Intuition, Instinct, and Insight, can be recorded in the same manner.

Note: No one is saying that you cannot record Intuition, Instinct, an Insight starting now. If Nature decides to communicate with you through one of these channels, then by all means record it. Do not pass this awesome opprotunity. If your intuitive faculty is highly developed, then it is quite likely that nature will choose that mode of communication.

Tip: One of the best things you can do to develop your extrasensory communication faculties of Synchronicity, Serenditity, Insight, Intuition, and Instinct is be around someone who has developed theirs to a high level.

Emotion Categories

Depending what you are feeling, you can select your feelings accordingly. In this manner, in the future you can identify why you are not tranquil, or if you are, then what is happening in your life that leads to tranquility and as a result, better future communication with the universal mind.

The change needs to happen in our mind first. That is where the collapse of the wave function must happen first. Protests, raising awareness, public meetings - all this is good and well, but to witness any change out there we need to change the frequency of our own energy. If you can do both equally well, even better. I guess Gandhi knew a think or two, even though his idea of fashion was… a bit out there.

Worry and Rumination

If your thoughts are related to Drive for Survival and Affiliation, or Fight or Flight Reactions then you can categorize those thoughts and feelings under Worry or Rumination. By doing this, you will be able to know if your woes and heartaches are in relation to the past or future. Once you know this, you will know exactly where to focus your efforts in order to arise victorious.


Fortunately, the sages and seers of the ancient wisdom saved even the minutest observations of their evolutionary journey towards self-awareness in visionary documents (Vedas), which were, for centuries, committed to memory and then written down to come to us as the earliest, purest forms of the Perennial Philosophy.

Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? How am I connected to this Universe? How does this individualized soul in each of us come to be? What is the nature of this Divine Ground of Consciousness that we all come from? How does one live in the Highest Self while continuing to work in the world? Is there continuity beyond this life? How does the soul evolve?

As you start to work with this program, the answers to the above questions will continue to unfold depending on your readiness to receive them. This is just the very beginning of this beautiful journey and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita are two the most essential primers, or the handbook of life elucidated by the ancient seers to guide us through this Truth; which will ultimately be realized in the depth of one’s inner self as their consciousness evolves.