In the ancient times, the Sages at Gurukuls did not need a computer. They knew what each adept was thinking, how far along in their practice they were, and what help they needed. The Guru was the computer. These days, we do not have the good fortune of finding an authentic Guru because there are just a handful left living in this dimension. To get the quality of help that a realized Guru could give, you need to tap into the wisdom of your soul. This is a resource of infinite intelligence and wisdom. And to that end, innovative technology can help substantially as you will discover.

Sutra 1:40

When through practice, the mind develops the power to remain focussed on objects large (parama-mahattava), or of sub-atomic size (parma-anu) without wavering, then we can truly say the mastery (vashikarah) of mind has been attained, through transcendence (antah) of one's (asya) thoughts. The seer becomes one with the seen.

What does Patanjali mean by, "The seer becomes one with the seen." What he means is that we are all waves of energy and when we become one with the seen, we see ourselves as energy. When Christ walked on water, he did not see water, he saw energy, and when he looked down at himself he saw that he was that same energy. Energy seeing energy, stepped out on it and walked across.

Communication with the Universe

Once full concentration is developed, one taps into universal consciousness. Depending on an adept’s degree of evolution in consciousness, answers from the Infinite are conveyed as spoken or unspoken words, direct experience of truth, or through expressions of cosmic consciousness such as synchronicity, serendipity, insight, instinct, and/or intuition.

Thought by grosser vibration become energy. That energy by visualization can be seen as a mental, or dream form. By strong concentration it can be further condensed into a true vision. Depending on the degree of virtue and clarity inherent within the intention of a person, God's consciousness which is the repository of everything, will be called upon to aid in the unfolding of any noble endeavor.

The Effects of Environmental Conditioning

The only reason people fail to manifest a desired reality is because they cannot be honest with themselves. Because of their failure to be honest, they cannot sit and clearly assess their weaknesses and strength. Due to the importance given to material success in our society, the majority of people spend their entire lives trying to amase and impress. Insecurity and fear has become their burden in life.

For many, getting or maintaining this type of success becomes very painful because their heart and consciousness has been designed for the pursuit of higher realization, not for the survival game. They have been there and done that in the distant past and now, they have taken birth for a bigger purpose but the world got to them before they could understand what was happening. Many of these people would arrive as the worldy version of success and just as quickly lose it, or give it all away.

The Universe tries communicating with them from an early age trying to tell them what their duty in this life is, but because the society that we are raised in does not tell us how synchronicity, serendipity, and intuition work, we fail to hear Mother Natures message. Many try to make a change but cannot commit because the world they know worships money and that is the only success it respects. No one likes to be abandoned. No one wants to be less in the eyes of this world lest they be ridiculed for taking the spiritual path. As a result, a terrible price is paid due to ignorance.

This may go on for decades and with ridiculous regularity which may cause great strife in their lives. And because they do not understand what is happening, they end up bitter and disillusioned. It was only when they are at the bottom either mentally, financially, or emotionally do they sit and truly assess their life; especially their gifts and talents because now they have lost all fear. Shame has no power over them.

What are you?

Each one of us chooses to take birth in conditions that will enable us to exercise free will to move from lower frequency mind to a higher frequency consciousness through the utilization of our thoughts and acts. To be a wrestler would require great strength in the shoulders, legs, arms, waist, and back. Do you have what it takes to be the best in this sport or are you entertaining dreams planted in your head by someone else?

It is one thing to imagine and fantasize about being a champion and another to actually be one and do what you do with consummate skill. We all are born to fulfil different duties. The Buddhists say, “The Dharma is unknowable, I vow to know it.” What is your Dharma and what duties does it entail? Vow to find that and when you do, love and contentment shall be yours for the taking. As the say, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.(Matthew 6:33)

Higher Responsibilities Demand Bigger Sacrifices

With capacities for success come the need for sacrifices. If the pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment is in your genes than you may need to give up the fast and fancy life including material accumulation even though others may think you have lost your mind. If true wisdom and compassion is your calling than you will have to do very hard work on yourself. You will need to monitor your thoughts, words, and deeds like a hawk on a daily basis so you could discern wisdom and compassion. Nature will only give you the wisdom you can handle. Higher work needs higher wisdom and higher wisdom needs a higher energy and a higher energy can only manifest through a higher consciousness. The life of wisdom like anything else, shall demand its worth.

You may have to reconsider whom you associate with. Are the values and pursuits of your friends in alignment with yours or do they run contrary to love and compassion. When in their company, does their vibration have a positive or negative impact upon you? In your life, you may meet people with whom you have tremendous difficulty being in the same room for more than 15 minutes at a time, and you have to work with them. Imagine that. Do you remain there, or do you move on?

Once you have rattled your head and heart to all of the constituent details that compose the aspiration to living the higher life, move ahead boldly in faith. Make the sacrifices needed. Success may come gradually and that is alright as long as the data shows the work is transpiring in the direction intended. If however, after honest appraisal of your mettle you find yourself lacking in attributes required for higher life than do not delude yourself. If you do, your lot will be envy and resentment of those who are what you wish to be. Know that the reason you do not make progress is because your thoughts are not in alignment with your aspirations.

Do not end up a pathetic dabbler, one day a politician, another day a scholar, one day a bureaucrat, a civic leader, an astronaut, then a social worker, maybe a year or two as a business man - these roles are not consistent and neither complementary. You could strive for wisdom and at the same time write and develop frameworks that empower people to cultivate wisdom and compassion. This is certainly doable as is my experience. Just one thing to keep in mind, sometimes it takes a long time to come to your path and that’s fine because when you do, you just may bring the wealth of knowledge needed for what the Universe has chosen you to do, and in this way move to a higher frequency and dimension.

Communication and Manifestation

Finally, reality does not exist until you measure it. Australian scientists have recreated a famous experiment and confirmed quantum physics bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn't actually exist until we measure it.

It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it said lead researcher and physicist Andrew Truscott. Carl Jung called this phenomenon Analytical Exploration. Synchronicity, serendipity, intuition, insight, and even instinct is the result of this phenomenon. In order to ensure that what you desire takes form, your thoughts and emotions must be in alignment with your intent. There cannot be confusion nor stress and frustration. Love, beauty, and tranquillity is needed for creation to transpire. Without this, the communication link between you and the Universe never gets established.

  • 1.40 parma-anu parama-mahattva antah asya vashikarah
  • PARMA-ANU - microscopic world of subatomic particles, electrons, protons, quarks, bosons etc

  • PARAMA-MAHATTVA - macroscopic world of stars, planets, and cosmological entities

  • ANTHA - transcendence

  • ASYA – thoughts

  • VASHIKARAH – mastery, spell