Yoga, Synchronicity, and Serendipity

As soon as you begin the practice of Yoga with sincerity, the Universe starts to cooperate with you in your practice. One of the first things that happen is communication via Synchronicity (samakalika) and Serendipity (parijjana). You may have experienced these in the past but in Yoga, these communications become more noticable, and at times; profound.

The process of Yoga involves learning a science, by using which, you can manipulate energy at quantum levels to affect a certain reality. This process can be compared to many of the modern technologies which involve “engineering the vacuum,” only that this vacuum is not empty but rather filled with tiny pieces of energy. This is the energy that Yogis play with. In sutra 1:2 we learnt that at microscopically small distances, reality violates the intuitions of modern physics. Science now admits that there are many things it cannot explain.

With practice, the evolving Yogi comes to realize that the universe always conspires to aid the effort of the ardent seeker through synchronicity, serendipity, insight, intuition, and many of the Siddhis that we will learn about in the coming months and years. Synchronicity can thus be consciously invoked, or amplified, by working in discreet ways to make its effects more present in our life. That is the purpose of this tutorial.

What is Synchronicity?

Have you ever had an experience when you have been looking for some information and a friend drops off a book by chance that has all the information you needed? Have you thought about someone after several years and in that moment they call you after all these years. Have you ever had the urge for ice cream and your Dad says, "Let's go out for ice cream." Have you ever been talking to a friend about endangered tigers, sitting in your office in a city where there are no tigers roaming around freely and as you look out the window, there is a tiger looking right back at you? IN this case the tiger managed to escape from the local zoo.

Synchronicity is having two or more things happen at the same time in a way that is meaningful to you in that you feel that there is an underlying plan to what is happening. The event is “acausal” meaning that there does not need to be a “cause effect” relationship to what is happening meaning that if A happens then B will happen is not necessarily true. Therefore, synchronicity presents a worldview where meaning, rather than molecules, serves as the central organizing principle that lends itself to order, structure, and connection.

What is Serendipity?

Serendipity is the occurance or development of an event by chance that ends up in a happy or beneficial way. It is another way in which the universe helps you or answers your question besides, intuition, instinct, and insight. This is very close to what is meant by Grace except that in grace, you may not have been actively seeking or expecting the chance occurence. For example, you are developing a software and get stuck on a problem.

It seems to you that you will not be able to find a solution for this and maybe you should try another option. But then a couple of days later your Dad asks you to check what's on sale at the local market and as you are doing that you accidently click on a link that takes you to a forum that has the answer to your problem. Sometimes answers come in a shower when you are not working on the problem and sometimes while driving. In this tutorial we will track both of these phenomenas but from now on, instead of mentioning both, I will just refer to Synchronicity. But while tracking, you will see options to measure both; synchronistic and serendipitous experiences. More on that in the Lab Assignment.

Carl Jung

Synchronicity is a concept popularized by psychiatrist Carl Jung, which he explains are events that occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Whether Carl Jung was aware of it or not, his psychological concept of (synchronous) has a very illuminating definition in the electromagnetic world. 'Synchronous' in physics and electricity means 'having the same frequency and zero phase difference.' Roughly translated, synchronous means two things are vibrating at the same rate. They are on the same wavelength as in resonance.

This idea originated with one of the inventors of Quantum theory, Erwin Schrodinger, who proposed that the quantum mechanical wave function served as a “field of consciousness”. He felt that ESP could be explained by realizing that the wave function extends throughout the planet and our minds are all immersed in it.

Analytical Exploration

How Do We Cause Synchronicity to Happen?

When we begin to pay attention on conscious processes, we activate and energize the subject matter on which we are putting our attention. This leads to experiences that are perceived as extraordinary because we seem to bring into reality what we focus on. Simply put, making a measurement can affect the experiment. Carl Jung coined this phenomenon, Analytical Exploration.

Concentration, meditation, mantras, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga and the conscious cultivation of love and compassion are all examples of Analytical Exploration. Analytical Exploration is bringing the power of the Spirit into unconscious events and as a result, catalyze synchronistic events. In other words we increase the probability of certain events transpiring by influencing the Wave Function to collapse in our favour. When the mind is silenced it becomes possible for archetypes to take center stage towards expression and this is what helps create synchronicity.

In Jung’s thinking, and also the science of Yoga, the awakening of architypes through analytical exploration releases a great deal of power, almost like splitting the atom, there is this build up of energy at this undifferentiated level the energy overflows and triggers a synchronistic event. The idea of the process is that the activation of the archetype releases patterning forces that can restructure events through the energy released by the neurons in the brain by impacting the external world operating outside the laws of causality. There is an interdependence between the internal and external. Everything is connected. Jung happens to have found evidence of this connection not just in his psychiatric work but he did research into esoteric practices, Iching, Astronomy, and Zener Cards.

Proposed new theories in physics suggest that particles are coupled over great distances and interact with each other with one knowing what is happening to the other instantaneously even though they may be separated by several light years.

However, we might also look to Sheldrake’s proposal of morphogenetic fields (Peat, 2014; Combs & Holland, 1996; Vezina, 2009), to McTaggert’s (2008) assembly of modern research into mind-matter and psi-related phenomena (cf. Radin 2013), to traditional Chinese cosmologies (e.g. Tze, 2014; Kaptchuk, 2000), and to emergent participatory cosmologies (e.g. Tarnas, 1991; Ferrer, 2002; Hartelius & Ferrer, 2013), among many others, for corroborated perspectives in which matter and psyche are interdependent and on some level ultimately one.


In this regard, theoretical physicist David Bohm (1980) is particularly known for his early proposal of an implicate order out of which our experiences of explicate psyche and matter arise. In simple terms, this suggests that there is a deeper hidden and more fundamental order of reality in our universe that we do not perceive but which surely exists. This is the order that gives rise to synchronicity. This is the same 8 intelligences that were the differentiated attributes of Super Conciousness manifesting as Bose Fields or Matter as Intelligence, the first wife of The Absolute; Ganga. We read about this in the first reading assignment of Yoga 101; Creation and The Unified Field. In the Bhagavad Gita, the genealogical descent of the Kauravas and the Pandavas from their ancestor, King Shantanu has been symbolically explained as the descent of the universe and man from Spirit into matter. Yoga is the process of reversing this descent and that is what we endeavour to do through this program.

Bohm believes that this "hiddeness" may be reflective of a deeper dimension of reality. He maintains that space and time might actually be derived from an even deeper level of objective reality. This reality he calls the Implicate Order. Within the Implicate Order everything is connected; and, in theory, any individual element could reveal information about every other element in the universe. These hidden forces in the Mahabharata are weaved in the story of Ganga drowning her first seven children. The metaphorical interpretation of Ganga drowning her children are in the fact that these 7 forces are not visible in nature. Their effects are, but not them and this maybe what Bhom is referring to.

Many believe the synchronicity phenomenon to originate out of the deeper hidden field of intelligent that Bohm speaks of above. Such perspectives, that view synchronicity as an emergent expression of this deeper, implicate reality, demonstrate compatibility with the emergent probabilistic and entangled perspectives espoused in quantum physics (Peat, 2014; Combs & Holland, 1996), and can be linked as well with chaos theory (Vezina, 2009).

This model also explains how paranormal effects can work over great distances and even backward in time. All matter and energy in our universe is connected with each particle having its own frequency. When you enquire about something and actively track your effort, you begin radiating the frequency of the thing you are tracking and as a result of that, all types of magical stuff begins to happen.

Going back in time is borrowing ideas from holographic photography. As discussed in Yoga 101, Holography relies upon wave interference. If two wavelengths of light are of differing frequencies, they will interfere with each other and create a pattern. Because a hologram is recording detail down to the wavelength of light itself, it is also a dense information storage. Going back in time is simply accessing this memory bank known as the Akashic Records.

The Shift

Even though this new cosmological paradigm triggers the defence mechanisms of our contemporary friends, many do see that the mounting evidence in the face of cherished but invalid beliefs does necessitate a radical reorientation from the Cartesian, mechanistic worldview that has dominated Western civilization for the past 500 years. As a result, more and more scholars and advanced thinkers are boarding the ship that has set sail for the shores of this novel worldview.

Measuring Synchronicity

Measuring synchronistic events may raise some challenges since the experience is subjective and importance is given to meaning inherent in the synchronistic event itself. If meaning serves as the arbiter of synchronistic value, how is one to measure such meaning? How does this meaning become legitimized or legitimize itself and demonstrate ontological value? Especially when the Psyche itself is evolving with each experience.

In this case, we can say that one’s subjective interpretation of reality plays an indispensable, central role in one’s experience of reality and indeed what in fact transpires in that reality. We must also keep in mind that one’s personal experience is constantly changing and evolving, and along with this one’s sense of meaning will shift as well.source

One might be predisposed to interpret or perceive meaning in one particular way or another, to sense it more in one given moment than another, or in one period of their life, rather than another. The meaningful thrust, or interpretive lens, might shift; sometimes radically. At times, seemingly meaningless (or meaningful) experiences from the past take on a greater or lesser meaning and significance in light of new developments in the future. We used a series of identifiers introduced by Patanjali to overcome this challenge.

  1. The experince tracking software provides a five-pronged approach to measuring synchronistic experiences. You can later generate meaningful reports for each one of your experiences.
  2. 1 Quantitative - how many times an experience occurs.
  3. 2 Qualitative - which emotions did the experience elicit. The emotions are divided into 2 groups:
    • Sympathetic Nervous System (klishta): This consists of the Drive for Survival and Affiliation (Rajasic) thoughts, emotions, and intentions and the Fight or Flight (Tamasic) emotions and reactions.
    • Parasympathetic Nervous System (aklishta): These are feelings, emotions, and intentions associated with Altruism, Fortitude, Fealessness, Nonharming, and Devotion and their attributes (feelings). In Yoga, our goal is to move from living in the sympathetic, to being in the parasympathetic at all times.
  4. 3 Referential - to who is the experience related to and in what particular are or category.
  5. 4 Importance - you can assign to a particular experience in increasing order from 1 to 3, 1 being least important and 3 being the most, its importance
  6. 5 Details - a textbox is provided for you to enter, and update details in your own words for each one of your experiences. Details of comparisons and research information can be entered here as well in an organized manner. A format that makes sense to you. If you know HTML then it is even better because you can then style pertinent information...but you don't need to if you don't want. I do and that is why I mention it as a helpful tool.


This course is an exercise in personal synchronistic inquiry using the principles of Yoga and Analytical Exploration. These exercises will enlarge our understanding of the universe at the deepest level and open up our mind to new possibilities for experimentations so we can delve further into the mysteries of the unknown. It will also expand our identity as humans and our connection to the Cosmos. The Laboratory Assignment will show you the best way to consciously invoke and measure the the influence of the universes cooperation in your evolution through synchronicity. Do not forget to read the Yoga Sutra 1:39 and 1:40 for additional information that is indespensible for the understanding of this topic.