Yoga 102: Invoking Synchronicity Consciously

Synchronicity is the process of consciously harmonizing your energy with that which you desire through observation and measurement of thoughts, feelings, and intentions. This process of measuring and recording our inner process is know as Analytical Exploration.

Concentration, meditation, mantras, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga and the conscious cultivation of love and compassion are all examples of Analytical Exploration. Analytical Exploration brings the power of the Spirit into unconscious events and as a result, catalyze synchronistic events. In other words, we increase the probability of certain events by influencing the Wave Function to collapse in our favour.

When the mind is silenced, it becomes possible for archetypes to take center stage towards expression, and this is what helps create synchronicity. The Reading Assignments will explain how this phenomenon works, and the Laboratory Assignments will show you how to use the "Thought and Emotion Tracker" to consciously invoke synchronicity and measure its success over time. Thank you and good luck.