The subtle body is our mind, intellect, feelings, emotions, Ego, and Consciousness, or Self.

Knowledge of the Self is already present within us, but because of our entanglement in the material world due, it is forgotten. When the links that bind our soul to materialism are transcended through the systematic practice of yoga, the true nature of the Self is realized and united with that from whom we broke away to seek experience.

In Yoga 103, we start using the intellect to explore consciousness through correct knowledge (pramana). Then, we use this knowledge to identify the influences in our lives which gives rise to incorrect knowledge of mind until the ignorance that gives birth to mind is transcending completely.

To proceed with this tutorial, first complete reading the assignments by clicking the link in the second Menu icon above. Please read all the sutras and supplementary articles carefully so that you understand its implication in the current context. Once you have finished reading the assignments, proceed to the Laboratory. Here you will learn how to use the basic features of the Thought and Emotion Tracker to record the workings of your mind.

The Practice

Once you have finished the 'Lab' tutorial, start recording your thoughts, emotions, and intentions on a daily basis for at least eight weeks to get an idea of what dominates your mind, how your beliefs, opinions, and prejudices were formed, and what your strength and weaknesses are. Once you have this knowledge, you have power to take the right action. Future tutorials will guide you through the next phase of evolution in consciousness.

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