The story of evolution

The journey of Consciousness has not been one of evolution, but rather involution.

The most important aspect of matter is vibratory energy, and human body is matter. Atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons are all vibrating at dizzying speeds within us, and everything around us. Your atoms are vibrating at a million billion times per second (1015) and the electrons (param-anu) at even faster rates than the atoms (anu) - 1022. In order to create humans, nature had to step down the vibrational rate of the atoms.

She sat and thought for a while, and came up with a solution of binding atoms to molecules which have a lower vibratory rate. But she found that molecules were still running around at the speed of a Gigahertz - 109. So she brought in the cells, not satisfied, she had to bring in the neurons. Next came in the primitive nervous system that was able to process the sensory input from the environment into a slow Morse code of ON and OFF. Our entire system and everything in it communicates just like a computer 0's and 1's.

In this way, nature stepped down the high vibratory rate of the atoms until humans manifested, a unique breed that would be able to retrace its path back to Consciousness - the source, or Absolute. At the source, energy is vibrating at infinite speed, and when something is vibrating at infinite speed, it is the same as being absolutely still. This dichotomy in state is what enables one to be omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Yoga, or evolution of consciousness involves unfoldment of this process. A gift that has been endowed only upon humans. Going from the limited rate at which cells perceive 103 through the five senses, to working with energy at speeds that the human mind cannot even begin to conceptualize is the purpose for which we take physical form.

From the above, we can see that the journey of humans has not been one of evolution, but rather, involution. The process of evolution requires some sort of purposeful direction towards "increasing complexity", not decreasing complexity, something that evolved teachers have been trying to tell us for a very long time but we just don't listen. source Sex, money, how we look, what we wear, and the worst one - what others will think of us - clouds our ability to discern. As a result we humans, who have been endowed with the ability to reach for the stars; have settled for dust.

When we evolve, nature has to ensure that the process happens gradually over a period of time in order to prevent the shock of a sudden adjustment. If it did not, the consequences would be disastrous. There are approximately 7 x (1027) atoms in the average human body. This is the estimate for a 70 kg adult human male. A human is more powerful than all the nuclear weapons combined. We just don't know how to harness that power.

If nature did not allow for this gradual evolution towards excess of energy inherent within this kind of power, a person would simply evaporate into thin air, not to mention the chaos that would ensue throughout the universe. Evolution takes time, a very long time. But remember that there are degrees of evolution. As one persists in the practice of Yoga, one begins to witness the rate of evolvement. I assure you this because I witness it in my own life.

The manifestation of material comfort happens rapidly, while contentment, joy, bliss and insight into real knowledge takes longer. The "increasing complexity" involved with attainment of clairvoyance, telekinesis, precognition, telepathy, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience takes more time. The progress is subjective, depending on the progress made in previous lifetimes, and your knowledge on how the process of consciousness evolution works.

This knowledge base can be garnered in about 5 years of regular study combined with practice and analysis. As soon as one is able to control the vibration of the energy within the atoms of the body, there is no going back, no giving up. You are hooked line and sinker. Try sitting down quietly today and feeling that pulsating energy within. More potent than any drug on the market. The only difference is that this choice of enhancing your state of mind, makes you, rather then destroy you.